Camponotus sp. from Australia (Австралия)

Hello Friends!

I will show you my new queen from Australia. This queen is very big maybe 23-25mm big and very nice colored. The workers are very big too but i have no workers yet only the queen and 3 pupa and one larvae. I had seen a colony by a friend and they are very nice. This "Major" workers maybe 17-19 mm big, the first workers around 12 mm, "Media" maybe 14-15mm.

I hope my colony will grow up and i can show you more pictures!



Аватар пользователя Faria

1 - Super! Thank you Mathias!

Super! Thank you Mathias!

Аватар пользователя amnizia

2 - что это за вид??


Аватар пользователя Муравейка

3 - I think it is Camponotus

I think it is Camponotus consobrinus. Is it right?

Аватар пользователя Mathias

4 - Hi Муравейка This is not

Hi Муравейка

This is not consobrinus, this queen is mutch bigger! The color is different, not many, i think they are in the same group with C. consobrinus and C. nigriceps.

Look for good pictures of C. consobrinus at this link:

Thanks for answers!

Аватар пользователя Mathias

5 - New pictures!

Hi my Friends!

I have new pictures from my queen and she have the first worker but she eat one pupa!
I think the pupa was die because i had many water in the test tube. now is better and i hope the colony will grow up fast :)


Ok i hope you have fun with the pictures!


Аватар пользователя Mathias

6 - New Pictures

Privet @ all!

I have new pictures from my colony:

IMG_0179.jpg IMG_0188.jpg IMG_0194.jpg
IMG_0190.jpg IMG_0196.jpg

The queen and the first worker life in a 20mm/18mm test tube, but the queen is so big that she have problems to go in an other position. Look this two pictures:

IMG_0208.jpg IMG_0209.jpg

Very nice this ants!


Аватар пользователя Sunni

7 - Hello! Great fotos :) Are You

Hello! Great fotos :) Are You going to move colony to bigger tube or formicarium? This tube is really tight..

Аватар пользователя Visibilis

8 - ants

So pretty ants! The workers very big!

Аватар пользователя Mathias

9 - Privet! I want to keep them


I want to keep them in a formicarium when i have more than 10 workers. It is not very good when you give them a big area and nest so early.
I hope i get more workers before the year ends. Maybe i have luck ... i can only wait.

Spacibo for your comments!


Аватар пользователя Igorr

10 - I think it's Camponotus

I think it's Camponotus terebrans. Very nice photos !)

Аватар пользователя vitimof

11 - Зачем поднимать тему

Зачем поднимать тему десятилетней давности?