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Camponotus fulvopilosus and Camponotus storeatus

Hi There!

Here i want to show you my pictures from two species. This queens are from southafrica and collected in January 2013 :)

Camponotus storeatus:

Myrmecocystus mexicanus

Hello There!

Here i will show you my Myrmecocystus mexicanus queen from the USA.

Cataglyphis bicolor complex - my colony

Privet vsem!

I will here present my Cataglyphis bicolor complex ant colony. This species you can find in north africa, my ants are from Тунис (Джерба).

Cataglyphis niger pictures

Here my Cataglyphis niger pictures!

First we start with my queen, but sorry only dead ants :(

My Cataglyphis bombycinus sinaiticus

Hello Friends!

So here my blog about my Cataglyphis bombycinus. I get them last year in may. It was a good colony with ca. 150 workers and one queen.

Camponotus cf. suffusus from Australia


I have a queen from this kind of ants, she have first worker, two pupa and some Larvae and eggs!

Camponotus fellah in Germany

Hello my friends!

Here i will present my Camponotus fellah colony. I hold them now one year. i start with a queen and 3 workers.